Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Running List of Crazy Business Ideas #1

- Underground houses/cities
- Elevated rail mass transit with single cars, instead of large capacity cars.

- Remote order only fast food, where you can't order at the place, you just pick up.
- Community Gardens (coop), where a plot of land in a neighborhood (or series of roofs) are used as a publicly managed garden for the use of the community in fresh foods.
- Machine operated restaurant, where the only people involved in your food preparation and delivery are the people fixing the machines. This is possible now. We just don't want to get rid of the low-skill/pay jobs yet.

- Free online library, where all the public domain information is readily searchable and downloadable.
- Super low cost public education, through online video lectures. The initial cost would be tremendous, but once off the ground, it would quickly replace the role of "lecturer" that teachers perform, and allow for an increase in the quality of public education, while decreasing the cost dramatically (in the area of millions of dollars a year). The biggest hurdle - teacher unions.

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Aaron B said...

It would be really cool if the position of Restaurant Robot Maintenance, could be offered as an incentive for those put out of work by them.

Minimum wage workers who desired to keep their jobs could go through training and get higher salaries. It would be a lot of work, but if as much opportunity abounds as there are lay-offs, this could be a great thing!